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Opinion Outpost is part of Western Wats, the largest survey research data collection company in the United States. They help leading firms make better decisions based on the research-based information they gather and process.

Opinion Outpost        Opinion Outpost needs US and Canadian adults willing to share their opinions about various products and services. They are only interested in your opinions. Membership, like all the survey companies we list, is free.

As an Opinion Outpost panelist, you'll receive survey invitations via e-mail and phone. You can always pick which surveys you want to take; you'll never be required to take a survey. Your information won't be used to contact you for any other reason.

Members of Opinion Outpost have a special opportunity to help influence the products, services, and policies of the world around them. Your opinions will be used to improve consumer products and services throughout the world. Your views, in aggregate with other panelists, might be used to measure customer satisfaction, the likability of new products, or public opinion on political issues.

You'll be rewarded for taking the time to share your opinions by earning Opinion Points for each survey you finish. The number of Opinion Points possible will be shown with each survey invitation or on the first page of the survey. Once you accrue a total of 50 Opinion Points, you can redeem them for cash. Most surveys are worth between 20 and 50 points, with 10 points equivalent to $1. You can expect to receive at least a couple surveys every month. Opinion Outpost is definitely worth joining.

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