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The NPD Group has provided consumer and retail information and insights for a huge range of industries since 1967. They're one of the best market research companies in each industry they track. Over 1,000 companies depend on NPD information to aide them in making successful business decisions.

NPD Online Research (also known as NPDOR or VIP Voice) panelists complete quick, fun online surveys expressing what they think about the services they use, the products they buy, the places they shop, and more. NPD compiles information from panelists like you to provide many of the world’s biggest companies with valuable insight into what is selling, where, to whom and why.

NPD tracks many industries, so whether the surveys you receive are about fast food or footwear, video games or vacuums, they're interested in what you think.

Most NPD panelists take surveys because they're quick, easy, fun, and it's nice to have your opinion actually count. But just for joining the NPDOR panel, you'll have a chance at winning a $1000 drawing. And every time you complete a survey, you earn a chance to win even more cash and/or prizes. Plus, every person you refer to NPD gets you one more chance to win the $1000 drawing.

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